React Native - From Zero To Continuous Delivery - Getting Started

It doesn’t take long for any discussion about mobile app development to lead to React Native. If you haven’t heard of it, React Native is a way to build mobile applications purely using JavaScript. Unlikely a hybrid app, we end up with a truly native mobile application with awesome performance, a development experience which includes seeing live updates on your screen seconds after you save a file, and the truly exciting ability to push out native application changes in minutes to your users in production.

In this blog series, I’ll cover setting up a React Native app, some tips to help you avoid common pitfalls and be productive quickly, and walk you through setting up an automated continuous delivery pipeline including a test and production version of your application.

  1. Getting started - setting up your application
  2. Making your life easier - a fast development workflow
  3. Automated testing - setting our level of release confidence
  4. Plugins - maximising value and avoiding pitfalls
  5. Styling your app without the frustration
  6. Debugging, logging, profiling and avoiding some common issues
  7. Code Push - rapidly pushing out most updates without binary changes
  8. Fastlane - automating certificates and provisioning profiles
  9. Fastlane - automatically pushing binaries to the App and Play Store
  10. Pulling it all together - Continuous Delivery

Getting Started - setting up your application

Coming soon!